The dangers of conventional dentistry: Six biohazard metals lurking inside your mouth

It’s no secret that conventional medicine is a corrupt institution owned by Big Pharma, which pumps out a steady stream of medications with their own dangerous side-effects. What is less known is that conventional density is just as bad as the care and treatment patients receive in typical hospitals.

Morton Walker (D.P.M.) and Julian Whitmaker (M.D.) breathe new insight into the hazards of modern dentistry and what can be done to protect oneself. The following is a snippet from the book Elements of Danger Protect Yourself Against the Hazards of Modern Dentistry, which highlights some of the biohazard metals used by conventional dentistry and how they suppress the immune system.

The six biohazard metals implanted in your mouth

Mercury is the greatest biohazard of all the toxic dental materials; but it oxidizes within the human body to an even more poisonous ingredient, methylmercury (MeHg). Organic MeHg is approximately one hundred times more toxic than the inorganic form. Mercury becomes methylated in the mouth, the stomach, the small and large intestine, and by the intestinal mucosa. It is easy to point out the autoimmune component in the diseases that MeHg produces for knowledgeable medical scientists to understand, since it brings about physiological destruction through commonly recognized mechanisms of destruction.

Amazing as it may seem, we are faced with the fact that the six potential constituents of dental amalgam silver, copper, tin, zinc, nickel, and especially mercury not only are pathogenic, but they are monitored under federal regulatory agencies. This monitoring takes place in most areas of human exposure such as in the work place, during leisure activities, in toys, as part of household cleaners, and for other places and uses. The one area of human exposure for which these six toxic heavy metals are excluded from federal regulation is in the dentists’ placement of them into the human oral cavity.

Yes, there is no governmental regulation of poisonous dental metals that are intimately implanted into your body. My suggestion is that you ask yourself the following questions:

Don’t you have cause to wonder about this ludicrous set of U.S. government nonregulations?

Why has an exception been made for the dental profession?

Do you have these unregulated biohazardous substances implanted into your mouth as dental fillings or root canals?

Do you suffer from energy reduction and chronic fatigue related to the poison in your mouth?

Have you been aware that you are facing elements of dental danger?

Elements of danger why immune suppression arises from dental amalgams

There are two primary reasons for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, the yeast syndrome, or other immune suppression-type diseases to arise from carrying dental amalgam fillings in the teeth. A main reason is the electromagnetic transfer of ionic current from one type of metal bound to another, which was discussed in chapter 9. The other reason is its biochemical/medical association, which I will discuss now.

The biochemical/medical cause of immune system suppression coming from dental amalgam fillings is connected to the vapors of mercury and other heavy metals interfering in the formation of the blood element, heme.

Heme is the colored, nonprotein part of the hemoglobin molecule in the blood that contains iron. Heme carries oxygen in the red blood cells, releasing it to tissues such as the porphyrins, which give off excess amounts of carbon dioxide. (Porphyrins are pigments that bind [chelate] with iron, magnesium, zinc, nickel, copper, and cobalt and that are important in many oxidation/reduction reactions.)

When an interference from the six commonly used dental metals or other toxic metals occurs in the chemical transformation of the body’s porphyrin series, including 8-carboxy porphyrin (uropor-phyrin), through the other types of porphyrin such as the porphyrins-7-carboxy, 6-carboxy, 5-carboxy, and so forth own to the final product “heme,” porphyrins spill from the blood into the urine. Then porphyrins and heme are excreted out of the body as if they are waste products. This loss of potential hemoglobin as well as the associated loss of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s stored energy, formed through heme reactions in the cytochrome series, is the largest contributing factor to reduction of energy for the body’s metabolic events.

Any person with insufficient heme carrying oxygen to the body cells and tissues is destined to be fatigued no matter what mental, emotional, or physical stimulant might be taken. This explains our present epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome and associated immune system suppression diseases.

Dental amalgams are leaching the porphyrines out of human metabolism and draining these mercury-poisoned people of their energy-supplying ATFJ according to information provided by Dr. Hal Huggins and his associates.

Additionally, heavy metals in dental amalgams interrupt the distribution of erythrocytes and leucocytes throughout the bloodstream. In contrast, when dental toxic materials are removed from the mouth following a specific protocol that had been created by Dr. Huggins and is followed faithfully by his holistic dental disciples, a highly predictable improvement occurs in the differential distribution of red blood cells and white blood cells throughout the blood system. The occurrence of this improvement in physiological functions proves that an involved patient’s immune responses are influenced by his or her dental amalgam fillings. It is to everyone’s advantage (except perhaps for the dentist’s disadvantaged time allotment) when safer substitutes are selected as replacements for the heavy metals of toxic dental amalgams.

Learn about the dangers that may lurk inside your mouth, and order a copy of Walker and Whitmaker’s book here.

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