Dr. Dawn Ewing to speak on why our teeth can be our death at this year’s FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit

Dr. Dawn Ewing is a naturopathic practitioner based in Houston, Texas. She serves as the Executive Director of the International Academy of Biological Medicine and is author of the book Let the Tooth be Known.

Dr. Ewing started her career as a dental hygienist after graduating from the University of Texas Dental School in 1988. Afterwards, she was appointed by the governor to serve on the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, spanning two terms. Her fascination with the human body drove her to both the land and sky: She became a Nationally Registered Paramedic, working for twelve years on a 911 ambulance and four years in international air ambulance transport. Dr. Ewing will be presenting her expert knowledge at the Holistic Oral Health Summit. Sign up today for free!

She eventually used her years of cultivated wisdom to focus on educating others. Dr. Ewing started teaching CPR to the public and advanced cardiac life support to healthcare providers. She eventually became an affiliate faculty member of the American Heart Association in 1987.

Dr. Ewing happily lapsed back into dentistry due to an encounter with a biological dentist who shed insight on how oral health impacts the whole body. Bursting with excitement, Dr. Ewing decided to pursue a PhD in holistic nutrition, and a doctorate in integrative medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine. As a life-long learner, she continues to accumulate more than 80 hours of education a year.

Dr. Ewing will be speaking along side more than 30 other experts at this year’s free Holistic Oral Health Summit. Members of the audience can expect to learn how our mouth health impacts our whole body. Her lecture, entitled “Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?” will cover the connection between oral health and chronic disease, how to dramatically improve immune function, and a special health alert for people suffering from blood sugar issues.

On the connection between the mouth and chronic disease, Dr. Ewing recapitulates the findings of her fellow colleague.

“Dr. Rau in Switzerland found that 98% of all women (in his clinic) with breast cancer had a root canal on the meridian (or tooth) that was related to the same side of the offending tumor,” she notes.

“The bacteria in our mouth are some of the most harmful bacteria that we know of. So, personally speaking, I see the mouth as a window to health. In other words, if you have unhealthy bone in your jaw – it’s most likely not the only place that you have unhealthy bone.”

“If you have diabetes and you have a mouth infection – you’re blood sugar is going to go up. So I actually sit down with diabetic patients and show them how to brush their teeth and floss. In fact, knowing how to floss properly (alone) can bring down a diabetics hemoglobin A1c.”

To learn more about this year’s summit, sign up for free today by visiting the Holistic Oral Health Summit website.


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