Dr. Lowell Weiner speaks on how your walk can change your talk at this year’s Holistic Oral Health Summit

Dr. Lowell Weiner received a degree in dentistry from Howard University in 1968. He served as a Professor and Dean Emeritus of Integrated Dental Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Weiner’s interest in holistic health took flame in 1969, when his intellectual pursuits gravitated toward how jaw and tooth problems impact snoring, breathing, the sinuses and the body as a whole.

Dr. Weiner was given the opportunity to serve as a consultant at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital Swallowing Center for his expertise in dental sleep issues. He has worn several hats as a consultant, faculty and staff member at Georgetown University Dental School, George Washington University Hospital Department of Radiology, and the University of Maryland Dental School and Sports Medicine Clinic. Dr. Weiner specializes in sleep apnea, dental sleep issues, and cranio mandibular dysfunction. He also stays busy as a widely acclaimed national and international speaker.

Dr. Weiner will be speaking with the world’s top holistic dental experts at this year’s Holistic Oral Health Summit. The event is set to launch between September 28 and October 5, and can be signed up for FREE online. The speakers will lend their expertise on the link between oral health and the entire body through a series of video lectures, all of which can be viewed online.

Walking the Walk And Talking the Talk

Dr. Weiner’s lecture, “Why am I Still Sick: Overlooked Solutions Revealed,” will cover how oral infections damage digestion and immune function, how dental issues affect sleep, brain function and emotional well being, as well as highlight some of the most overlooked reasons for panic attacks and anxiety.

When Dr. Weiner sees his patients, he doesn’t just focus on their mouth, but on the body from head to toe. Audience members will be shocked to learn how their walk really can affect their talk. In other words, there’s more than one way to put your foot in your mouth:

“So when a patient comes in to see me for an evaluation, I want to see the patient walk in because I need to know how that patients’ posture is affecting them – relative to their jaw. But, when you’re in a dental chair – you’re sitting. So, I can’t tell what affect your feet, or your legs or your hips are causing problems with your jaws,” notes Dr. Weiner.

“I actually look at your shoes to look at wear spots and how that may be affecting your hip, your shoulders and your jaw.”

“I’ve been practicing dentistry for over 46 years and so I’ve seen the beginning of this movement into biological dentistry and now into functional dentistry. Because the biological piece is recognizing the core and the functional piece is how the person totally reacts and works such as breathing and a lot of other issues that you need to bring into the evaluation of a patient’s health.”

For more information on this year’s FREE Holistic Oral Health Summit, be sure to visit the registration page here.


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