Dr. Robert Kulacz speaks at the Holistic Oral Health Summit about healthy alternatives to root canals

Dr. Robert Kulacz is a nationally known dentist and author who is a proponent of integrative dentistry. His publications include The Toxic Tooth: How a root canal could be making you sick, and he co-authored The Roots of Disease: Connecting Dentistry & Medicine. His talk is going to cover an unpopular scientific truth about teeth that have been treated with root canals, namely that root canals can make you sick and often need to be removed. At the Holistic Oral Health Summit, he will delve into detail about how root canals can harm your health and your heart, but he will also discuss the best options for tooth extraction and replacement options. Click here to sign up for the Holistic Oral Health Summit for FREE!

Dr. Kulacz attended New York University College of Dentistry, where he received his dental degree in 1986. In 1989,  Dr. Kulacz completed a postgraduate training program sponsored by Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn with a focus on dental implant surgery and implant restoration. Dr. Kulacz was also an instructor in NYU’s College of Dentistry, department of human anatomy.  In 1997, Dr. Kulacz abandoned his traditional dental practice. He came to realize that many of the modern dental practices were actually hurting people rather than helping them. One of the main dilemmas in modern dentistry is the problems that erupt after a root canal is done on a tooth:

The problem is you can never fully sterilize the tooth.  There’s always going to be infection remaining after the root canal is completed.

No amount of instrumentation, no amount of antimicrobial irrigation and no laser can touch these bacteria.  So, all root canal teeth that are infected to begin with – will stay infected after the root canal procedure is completed, period.  You can’t sterilize an infected tooth with a root canal.

As he explains, the problem with root canals is that the infection remains, and over time, the remaining tooth can become even more infected. The bacteria of the infected tooth can produce potent exotoxins which can leach out of the root of the infected tooth and travel to distant sites of the body. In this simple way, just one root canal can have an impact on other parts of the body, not just the mouth.

As Dr. Kulacz explains further, the health of your mouth has a big impact on your overall health:

In fact, the importance of the mouth-body connection is overwhelmingly significant in how it impacts the public health. Chronic dental infections cause more substantial disease and early death than any other singular condition, by far.

The Holistic Oral Health Summit will present 34 of the world’s top experts, including Dr. Robert Kulacz, who will discuss healthy, alternative ways to improve your oral health, and perhaps bolster your overall health. Registration for the summit is free. To register for the summit and see an overview of the speakers and their topics, click here.






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